About Vaco


With a silky voice that reflects childhood's innocence, the Lebanese-born Vaco has marked his recordings, in audio and video, with high production values that are a first in Armenian children's music.

The artist's music credentials go back to the 1970s, when he was an established composer and pop singer in Beirut. Vaco won First Prize for songwriting at the prestigious Lebanese Song Festival in 1974, and Honorary mention at the Armenian Song Festival in 1976, a year after moving to the US.

Vaco's early music has been influenced by the Beatles and British folk rock. In 1970, he recorded the first-ever pop song dedicated to the Armenian Genocide of 1915. The song was subsequently translated and performed in three languages and won the artist the coveted Philips Silver Disc award.

Vaco started writing and performing children's music in 1989. With a sense of wonderment that drew inspiration from his own children. Vaco weaves music and stories that fan the curiosity and imagination of children on an upbeat note. Indeed, the most distinguishing aspect in the artist's recent work has been his evolving take on educational entertainment.

Vaco's signature style is based on teaching kids about serious subjects in a playful and humorous manner. The result is a milestone in Armenian edutainment, where music functions as a complement tofamily and school education in a refreshingly thought-provoking and positive way. Song themesinclude Mother Earth, the city environment, recycling, and respecting the rights of animals.

Vaco's audio recordings comprise of Mangagan Ashkharh (Children's World), Char Armene (The Mischievous Armen), Yerp Yes Medznam (When I Grow Up), and Mer Nor Darin (An Armenian Christmas). These recordings, in which Vaco's vocals are accompanied by children's choirs and Armen, the artist's son, come in colorful packages including song lyrics and children's drawings.

Vaco broke new ground with the release of two videotapes and the creation of Dodi the puppet, a character that has become an instant hit with Armenian children around the world.

The video series, under the Adventures of Dodi and Vaco, are Vaco's answer to the need for quality and content-intensive audiovisual material for Armenian children. Dodi, Vaco and A B C and Dodi, Vaco and 1 2 3 feature a magical sequence of enchanting stage sets, ample melody and rhythm, and engaging appearances by Vaco and Dodi. Through song and the spoken word, these friends teach kids the Armenian alphabet and numbers, and a variety of practical lessons designed to foster respect for the animal kingdom and natural environment.

When Vaco brings his pop sensibilities and audiovisual experience to concert audiences worldwide, it all makes for a special kind of children's and family entertainment that is as uplifting as it is constructive.

The artist lives in Los Angeles with his wife Maral and three sons, Aris, Aram and Armen.